Pricing Policy

My goal : great postcards at low prices !

But I think it deserve a page to understand how I do fix the prices. Do not believe that I set prices anyhow !

You see... I receive, scan and class thousands of postcards every month. It takes a lot of time. And I do not pretend that I am so expert that I can guess the exact price of each card.

There are so many factors that come into play that the price of old postcards is more of an art than a science.

I am convinced that only the really interested buyer can set the right price.

So here is my pricing policy:
So there is no big mystery or attempt on my part to abuse my clients. The buyer interested in a card will know when the right price is reached. He just have to wait until the price goes down and he can buy his card, obviously if the card in question has not been bought by another buyer meanwhile ...

And who knows ... maybe a card that has not been spotted by anyone is waiting for you ... at a price well below what you think the right price... a bargain!
We sell old postcards at ever lower prices. Click here to understand how prices are set.