About us

About us ? We should rather say about me ...

My name is Tony, I live in Switzerland, in the heart of Europe, and I created this site for you, lovers of old postcards!

You'll find all kinds of postcards, postcards over 100 years old, modern postcards, postcards that have actually been posted, comic postcards, landscapes, portraits, etc ... There are thousands of categories so that the ranking is as specific as possible.

The prices of some postcards can surprise you ... with reason. Read about my pricing policy, you'll understand ...

Need to be reassured? I am also present on the main postcard sales sites: Delcampe and HipPostcard.

I only have positive notes ... my clients are always very satisfied!

In case of questions do not hesitate to contact me. Use the green button at the top of the page. I personally answer all requests.

We sell old postcards at ever lower prices. Click here to understand how prices are set.
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